Benelli TNT 300 User Reviews

Benelli TNT 300 User Reviews

Benelli TNT 300 User Reviews Collected by MotorcycleBazar by following some question. All of information are given by the user. :-

About you,age, where you live. Your 1st bike?

Hi Guys I am Robin Gupta, am a versity Student. I am in now 22 Years old. I live in Kolkata. Anyway i love to ride a bike. So i used three Bike before this Benelli TNT 300 . 300 Cc  this naked type bike is so lovely for me. My first Bike was Bajaj Pulsar 150 cc. I used this about 2 years. And Now Benelli TNT 300 for 6 Month.

Give some reason Why You Love Bike Riding?

Bike is my dream. I love riding a bike so much.  Bike is really a personal. So any time any moment i can go anu where. So it is vey useful & really help me lead a styling Life. So I love riding a bike soo much.

Why you choose this bike?

I chose Benelli TNT 300 Motorcycle for my budget & experience. I don’t ride a Naked type bike. So in this cause i started to search for a naked bike. At htis moment my cousin suggest thi Benelli TNT 300 bike. & As a result i bought  this bike.

Give some details of bike buying day.

When I deciedto buy this bike. I told my father to go with us. Then My father & my cousin Go to showroom & Buy this bike. I also get a gift card when i scrach the gift card i get 5,000 rupi discount i am very happy at that time.

Describe your feeling of first ride on that bike

After buying this bike .I star to ride from the showroom to my home. about 42 km far from my home. so 42 km is anought distance to ride properly. When i start this Benelli TNT 300  i feel very excited. My father told me to ride slowly so first day i ride this bike slowly but in riding moment i feel very pleasure & enjoyment.

Describe some bike features.

Benelli TNT 300 is a Naked type Motorcycle.300 cc this bike looking so good with its four colors combination.TNT 300 gets an aggressive styling and with the steel trestle frame is a piece of Italian artwork. Rider can easily enjoy from it.25 kmpl mileage & top speed 154 kmph  is the best key for this motorcycle.

DID you service your bike

I used this bike for 6 month. In this time i ne need to survice at all. No problem detected in this bike in after 6 month period.

How you maintaine & care your bike?

I love this bike very much , so i always  careful about it. I change Mobile regularly , I wash my bike regularly.

Highest speed you achive

I am very crazy to riding bike but i am careful about an accident . I always ride 60-90 kmph speed. Highest speed  120 kmph for 2 minute in a noiseless highway.

Give your 1 long tour short details

I love long tour. Recent 20 days ago from today i make a 250 km tour with my four friend. Two bike Four friend & one day tour. Give me so pleasure. Fress sound , so speedy & also styling this bike make our long tour very enjoyable.

Conclusion: write about( do you happy or not)

In this question i said with happily that I am very happy to buy this bike & get a very enjoy to ride this bike so much. It is the best experience to me to riding. I can’t want to buy another bike at all. At the end I want to tell , Benelli TNT 300 is really good performing bike at all. Oll of Bike rider love this bike . Naked type bike is gives me a great pleasure & happyness.

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