Top Speed of Hero 100cc commuter Bikes in Bangladesh

Hero 100cc Feature Reviews

At the modern days Motorcycle is one of the most popular as well as attractive vehicle across all over the world. If we talk about motorcycles there are two important things which a rider wants very badly at his motorcycle and they are top speed and mileage. These two things are very important side of a motorcycle. Today we will discuss about the top speed of 100cc commuter motorcycles of Hero moto corp, which is one of the largest motorbike importer acroos, many different countries.


Hero Motors is one of the largest bike manufacturers in India. At the beginning it was a joint company with the Japanese company Honda and they started their journey at 1984 with the name of Hero Honda but in 2010, when Honda decided to stop their partnership with this company Hero purchased rest of the share from Honda and started with the name Hero. There are many 100cc commuter motorcycles which this company has created. Among those six motorcycles are available in Bangladesh. From bellow the line we will see their top speed.

Hero HF Dawn:

As a 100cc commuter motorcycle this motorcycle from Hero is built up with good quality features. Both the engine side and the outlooks of this bike are very standard. If we talk about the top speed of this motorcycle it will give around 85 KM/H speed.

Hero HF Deluxe:

There are some similarities can be found among Hero HF Dawn and Hero HF Deluxe at heir chassis but without the chassis everything of Hero HF Deluxe is different. That’s why their top speed also varies. Top speed of Hero HF Deluxe is near by 88- 90 KM/H.

Hero Splendor Plus:

Hero Splendor Plus motorcycle is one of the finest creation of Hero moto corp at the 100cc segment. The outlook of this motorcycle is upgraded and the engine side is also made with good care. That’s why the demand of this bike is really high in our country. The approximate top speed of this motorcycle is 90 KM/H.

Hero Splendor Pro:

This motorcycle is the upgraded version of Hero Splendor Plus. Many similarities can be found at these two motorcycles. This motorcycle from Hero will also give around 85-90 KH/H top speed like splendor plus.

Hero Passion Pro:

At the 100cc segment Hero Passion Pro is the best creation of Hero. Both the engine and outlooks this motorcycle will get ten on ten. At the top speed this motorcycle is also very good. Approximate top speed of this bike is about 90-95 KM/H.

Hero Passion Pro disc:

Hero Passion Pro and Hero Passion Pro disc these two motorcycles are the same at their features the only difference is their braking system. So the top speed will not vary too much. This bike will also give a top speed of 90-95 KM/H speed.

For better information it is good to know that the top speed of a motorcycle depends on different situation and conditions, such as condition of the engine, how much weight does the bike carries on it, what type of road a rider will ride at, engine oil etc, that’s why the upper top speeds may vary at different situations.


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