Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme KS bike Technical Review

Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme KS

Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme KS bike Technical Review:


Hero Motor Corps has four factories in Dhirahara, Nimrana and Gurgaon and Uttarakhand’s Haridwar in Haryana. This plant has the capability to provide seven.6-million 2-wheel production annually along. The company’s analysis and development facility is found within the outskirts of Jaipur located between 249 acres of land. Through six thousand dealerships across Republic of India, heroes are ready to enter most of the country, together with Moto price railway system.

Hero Honda CBZ Star is often a legendary bike :

Tt’s India’s 1st one hundred fifty cc with hydraulic brake Sports bike CBZ star is 157 cc Self-Start / KCB Classic one hundred fifty CI headlamp connective tissue panels and and purpose sphere foot standing masks of every half. My personal opinion heroes resumed this bike compared to any or all the bicycle markets. Actually, i believe Seitz is my past love. terribly powerful engine. TPFC however CBZ production is over. however the legend isn’t born of his birth. i really like CBZ stars and CBZ classic. Hero Honda to my CBZ Thanks for the many thanks. Mileage 55+ is well managed.

Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme KS

New Xtreme review:

The new model of the Hero Xtreme 150cc Engine (CBZ) has suddenly been a strong bike. Bike town encompasses a speed of fifty five kilometre and road sixty two. The cavalry had a powerful ride, no vibration, and a few personal back pain. thus it offers American state terribly snug. it’s terribly versatile to manage the hydraulic brake thus. Sitter height is superior for the setter thus it’ll not be snug to return back. All digital indicators, you’ll be able to trip to the speed, there ar further blessings of zero set and then on. The sound of the engine is extremely cool, thus it’ll facilitate in excellent ride. you like the name XTREME.

Final Word:

Hero Xtreme is dead bang heading in the right direction in terms of style/look and glamour’s. Overall Engine performance is extremely sensible. throughout long drive, the most effective issue is engine don’t get too deal feel close to the leg portion.



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