How to Cancel Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

How to Cancel Two Wheeler Insurance Policy?

Ensuring 2 wheeler vehicle is mandatory by law in India. The motorized vehicles Act makes it obligatory for all homeowners to ensure their vehicle and guarantee timely renewal. this is applicable to 2 wheelers in addition. insubordination will result in the imposition of fine and social control of different legal provisions provided within the act by government agencies. The contract ought to cowl third party liability by default, which means damages to 3rd party person and property caused by the insured vehicle ought to be a district of basic coverage.

The policy cowl is mostly valid for a year from the beginning date. There square measure times once the insured customer is mulling over cancelling the duvet throughout the policy amount thanks to multiple reasons. the rationale will vary from discontent with the high worth of premium paid to restricted terms and coverage. With enlarged competition within the vehicle insurance market, the client is commonly lured with schemes and offers, tempting him to modify over to a distinct insurance firm.

Is the 2 Wheeler Insurance Cancellable?

Yes, it is. The policy is often off not solely when expiration, however additionally throughout the policy amount. Not several square measure aware that the duvet is often dissolved throughout the policy amount. the overall assumption is that the policy must run through the whole amount of 1 year. However, cancelling the 2 wheeler contract comes with sure conditions. they’re as follows.

the duvet will solely be annulled if there are not any claims created on the insured vehicle throughout the running policy term.
The insured owner ought to have created arrangements for alternate coverage, a minimum of for third party liability and may turn out documentary proof to support the insurance cowl.
just in case of possession transfer, existing policy can’t be off unless the provision of documentary proof of other arrangement is formed to support the insurance cowl.

The bottom line is, you may not be ready to cancel the contract if you are doing not have an alternate insurance cowl. The rule is that the vehicle must always be coated against liabilities.
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Process of Cancel 2 Wheeler contract

The insured owner is needed to supply a notice of seven days to the insurance firm in writing, of their intention to cancel the policy.

  1. Contact the insurance firm, ideally by phone and specific your intention to cancel the policy.
  2. Follow the procedure provided by the representative and make sure that you inform them formally in writing, a minimum of seven days prior to.
  3. Guarantee availableness of documentary proof just like the policy document if you acquire AN contract for your 2 wheeler with a distinct insurance firm.
  4. Mail or fax it to the quantity or address provided. you’ll even be asked to drop the work at the closest branch.
  5. A minimum premium of Rs.100* are preserved by the insurance underwriter and therefore the balance are refunded supported proportionately basis as per the timelines.

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