Yamaha Blue Core Technology – reviews

Yamaha Blue Core Technology

Yamaha Blue Core Technology – reviews


What Is Yamaha Blue Core Technology ?

 MANILA, PHILIPPINES, MAY 07, 2015 – Yamaha has invariably challenged the boundaries of driving technology to pioneer spanking new innovations which will higher serve the globe. it’s invariably AN aim to steer the trade normal and provides its users the advantage of invariably being a step ahead. returning to light-weight could be a new generation of engine that’s developed beneath the best of most performance that meets unique fuel economy.

This progressive breakthrough is termed the Blue Core, the engine which will redefine strength and consumption in exciting fashion. Promising additional power with less fuel, riders within the Philippines can feel the advantages of AN engine with optimum combustion, reduced power loss, and augmented cooling potency.

The Blue Core isn’t around riding performance; it’s conjointly for the authorization of each the rider and also the machine. The unity of each creates AN expertise that takes the rider to the next level and brings out peak ability of the model. The technology aims to unleash the fervour within every individual complemented by a burst of energy at a coffee value.

A new kind of Yamaha ingenuity is currently a part of the road, a replacement a part of you.
The Yamaha BLUE CORE, additional Power – Less Fuel.

Yamaha Bluecore Engine

Yamaha Blue Core Technology


– Optimized valve temporal order, Optimized valve form Tuble flow result, High compression quantitative relation
Compact subfigure combustion chamber


– Offset cylinder


– Primary and secondarysheaves with lower thrust force style, High final reduction quantitative relation, Low inactivity rev (at engine start/Speed increased/Speed decreased), swish feeling throughout


– DiASil Cylinder, Oil jet piston cooler, Compact high-effieciency cooling fan, New shroud form, Tin cooling fins.


So readers that was all regarding the Yamaha Blue Core Technology. once the detail discussion you’ll have perceive the speculation of blue core. during this closing I ought to mention here terribly clearly that Yamaha might not or doesn’t have to be compelled to do all the event work on each bike rather do no matter required on any specific bike or engine that is underneath tag of blue core.

But one factor is certain and confirmed that that bike is labeled  with Blue Core those square measure ensured and standardized with the Blue Core Essential Factors.

Therefore thanks for enjoying our Yamaha Blue Core Technology. be at liberty to raise or question on any problems with motorcycle and keep connected with U.S. for contemporary updates. thanks all.


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