Best Routes for Motorcycle Riders

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Motorcycle trips demand proper planning and execution of the plan. There are many things you must consider when planning for this kind of ride.  Before you pack your things for the ride, first and foremost you must plan your destination. Whether you’re riding on your own or with a group, planning your route is very important. A lot of danger can happen along the way, some roads are not easy and without a proper route you will be putting your life in danger.

You can plan a motorcycle trip together with friends or with your riding club. If they share the same passion for going long trips then you can plan together the route you’re going to travel. You can plan a simple route or a tricky one. Going into different places is mostly the reason why many motorcycle enthusiasts like you wants to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

So, what are the best motorcycle routes? There are so many places for motorcycle trips. These places have good riding weather most part of the year; have twisting roads and canyons, or have scenic views or country side that can keep your spirit high. Most of the time, the condition of the road and the view along the road are the most important factors when choosing a motorcycle route.

To plan for a motorcycle route, take a road map.  Don’t you know that United States has a lot of motorcycle routes aside from public roads and highways? Some of the best motorcycle routes in America are:

1.       Washington Route 129

2.       Oregon Route 3

3.       WA to Enterprise

4.       California Route 58

5.       U.S Route 33

6.       Natchez Trace Parkway

7.       California Route 2

8.       U.S Route 12

9.       California Route 36

10.   U.S Route 550

Aside from America, there are other good places for motorcycle trips also. Outside USA, these are the places with great motorcycle routes:

1.       Europe.  This country offer great opportunity for motorcycle trips. You can enjoy the European alpine countries because of their flowing and twisting roads and hairpin corners.

2.       Rocky Mountain of North America. Montana, Wyoming and Colorado in North America are some of the best motorcycle routes because of their rocky mountain. Riding along these countries could be challenging but fun.

3.       Mediterranean Islands. The islands of Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily as the best places for motorcycle riders because they have incredible roads that riders would love to experience.

These are just some of the best routes for motorcycle trips. There are still so many places waiting to be discovered by riders who love the challenges presented by mountains, twisting roads and canyons as well as by long flowing roads.

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