How to Extend the Service Life Of the Motorcycle

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Every motorcycle rider hopes the service life of his motorcycle will be as long as possible. The service life of the motorcycle is calculated  according to its overhaul mileage, which is generally between 50,000 km and 100,000 km, with reasonable use, your motorcycle may be  used for a period of the upper limit while with unreasonable use, it may fail to reach the lower limit. Thus, it can be seen that how to use motorcycle has a great influence on its service life.When the surface of the cylinder and crankshaft is worn, especially wear on the surface of the cylinder, the motorcycle need to be  overhauled. Because the wear and tear will increase the clearance between the piston and cylinder, then cause leaking, the fuel  consumption of motorcycle will rise sharply and the mechanical efficiency will fell sharply. How to avoid wear and tear on the surface of the  cylinder becomes the key to extend the service life of motorcycle. Here we will discuss  about the methods to avoid wear and tear on  cylinder.

Good running-infor new motorcycle

The surface of cylinder is uneven since it is left the factory, so the convex part is easy to get damaged. If there is a heavy load, it will cause scratch on the surface of cylinder. When driving the new motorcycle, you should better avoid heavy load. Only after the convex part is grinded to be smooth enough, can the cylinder bear bigger load, which will extend the service life of cylinder. Manufacturers require  motorcycle rider to do a good running-in for a new motorcycle, usually in the period of 1000 to 2000 kilometers. In running-in period, it is  better not to carry a passenger or goods. For two-stroke motorcycle, the mixing ratio of fuel and oil should be increased to 20:1 so as to  benefit the running in of the cylinder.

  • Cleanedair into the cylinder

You need to make sure the air is clean enough before it enters into the air cylinder, if there is too much dust inside the air, it will speed up the wear and tear of the cylinder. It is better to remove dirt inside the air filter regularly, around every 1000 km, besides, you should also check  the sealing at each joint of the filter, so as to avoid unclean air enter into the cylinder directly. In order to improve the filtration effect, you canput a layer of foam sponge outside the paper core. Foam sponge must be cleaned once a day in order to avoid blocking.

  • Good lubricationon the surface of cylinder

The wear and tear will be less if there is lubrication. This requires lubrication with a proper viscosity. The viscosity is related to temperature so different viscosity of lubricating oil should be used in different seasons.In addition, you should also check oil pressure and oil scale frequently and don’t start motorcycle when there is no lubricating oil.

  • Good flexible performance for starter

The reason of engine knocking is mainly caused by burning too fast. The knocking will produce an overlarge impact on piston and then  make it beat the cylinder, which will cause wear and tear.The reason of burning too fast is as follows:The fuel and engine compression ratio does not match.Rotation velocity of starter should be commonly between maximum torque and maximum power, so there is a speed range for every gear. When motorcyclist doesn’t pay attention to shift motorcycle gear in time and cause a stall, at this moment, if motorcyclist speed up suddenly, there will be knocking noise at the cylinder body. In this situation, you should quickly change to low gear and then speed up, otherwise the cylinder will be damaged.

Avoid cylinder adhesion phenomenon

Sometimes there is massive adhesion between chain and sprocket, which is called cylinder adhesion phenomenon. The mail reason is lackof lubricating oil and the poor cooling effect of the engine which will cause overheat and the lubricating oil out of function.How to prevent overheat of the engine. On one hand, the cooling fan should be cleaned frequently so as to keep its good performance. On  the other hand, you need to observe the temperature of cooling fan, which should be under 180  and can be measured by the thermometer. Motorcyclist can test the temperature by spiting to the cooling fan, if it is sizzled, that means high temperature and need to  stop the motorcycle and cool it before start it again, so as to avoid cylinder adhesion phenomenon.Besides, when the speed drops instead of rising after accelerating, this is the precursor of cylinder adhered, you need to stop the  motorcycle in time. Then, after the engine is cooled down, you should remove the piston and polish the adhesive surface between piston  and cylinder with sand paper and abrasive stone. Only in this way, can save the caused damage, otherwise, the cylinder will be scrapped.

  • Avoid using cold car

In the winter, the lubricating oil is in frozen condition and loses the effect of lubrication. At this moment, it must be preheated. Before  starting motorcycle, you need to idling the engine for a few time, wait the temperature rise and the lubricating oil is effective.

  • Avoid the carbon deposit fallinginto the cylinder

There are lots of carbon deposit on top of piston and cover of cylinder. If they fall inside the cylinder, it will scratch the surface of the cylinderand cause wear and tear. In order to reduce the carbon deposit, be sure to use special engine oil.Motorcyclist should remove the carbon deposit on top of piston and cover of cylinder in time. When there are too much carbon deposit, the combustion chamber will be shrank and the compression ratio will rise, which will cause engine knocking.Hope this article will help you to know more about your motorcycle accessories as well as how to extend its service life.Thanks for your attention.

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