High Demand for Advanced Motorcycle Course in Alberta

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Driving schools in Alberta and Calgary provide state of the art motorcycle courses for all aspirants who want to qualify the motorcycle permit test. In Alberta driver learning starts at the age of 14 with the eligibility to obtain an entry level license of Class 7 provided at the age of 16.
In Alberta, motorcycle training can be had from all leading driving schools including Fleet Safety International (FSI) and its divisions like “A” Driving School. They stand out for their unique way of teaching the  students. The focus of motorcycle training is maximum safety, rider’s confidence, and enthusiasm.
A Motorcycle Course trains the aspirants to enjoy a safe riding of motorcycles. They give important tips on collision avoidance, preventing injuries and use of proper gear to guard against fatalities on busy streets, roads and highways.
Training for Permit
The license category for motorcycle is Class 6. The permit test involves successful passing of sign identification test and an eye test. The perquisites are that the candidate must be minimum 16 years old and have parental consent.
Safety Course
In clearing the motorcycle permit test, completing a motorcycle safety course is important. The motorcycle permit will have a validity of 6 months and is renewable twice for the same duration.
Safety Course
A motorcycle safety is paramount as mistakes can become fatal. The motorcyclists may commit mistakes under the thrills of motorcycle riding. While selecting the motorcycle school, a learner must satisfy himself that it has quality instructors and they are accredited to the Driving Standards Agency.
Components of Safety Course
Ideally the motorcycle safety program will cover the following.
* Basics of motorcycle maintenance * Basic awareness about the parts of a motorcycle * Emergency repairs to do on a bike * Tips for using safety equipments * Tips on Defensive driving in a motorcycle
Mandatory Rules for Riders
• Wearing of approved eye protection • Wearing of an approved helmet • Strict adherence to laws in on riding alone in daylight hours
Main Benefits
Safety courses reduce risks and provide preventive steps to make a ride accident free. The techniques of maneuvering a motorcycle in bad weather conditions and usage of best riding techniques are the highlights of the course.
Once the safety course reassures a candidate about his newly developed skills, he can move on to obtain a permanent motorcycle license. The benefits will include entitlement for discounts from insurance companies in the form of reduced premiums.
Advanced Training
Motorcycle training has an advanced version also. The Advanced Rider Course is meant for those with more than 1 year experience and having 5000 kilometers of distance record.
In the course participants will be tested to the limits of their own motorcycles skills and riding competency. The new skills and strategies will add more to their confidence in the years to come. The training covers classroom and riding sessions in controlled and safe areas
The main topics are:
• Collision avoidance techniques• Riding Methods in urban areas• Advanced cornering and braking
The candidate concerned must have a valid driver’s license before joining an Advanced Rider course.

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